Monday, 8 June 2015

More Squares and Vanilla Bean Sock

While at Value Village the other day I picked up the Cables Mittens, Hats & Scarves book in the 'On The Go!' series. In it, I found a couple more cable patterns I wanted to sample.

This one is from Gayle Bunn's Fisherman's Pride Pompom Hat.
This one was from the Oliver Twist Double-Cable Scarf by Monica Jines.
I then explored Carol Feller's 'Contemporary Irish Knits' and found these two to try.

This is from the Straboy raglan sweater/pullover.
And this one from the Adrara belted cardigan/jacket. I am having some trouble vertically  centreing the cable element in the square. In this, my second attempt, The square is too short. I will need to frog it back to the bottom border again and knit more rows before I start the intricate cable element.
After not having it right the second time, I abandoned the squares for now but will get back at the project again. My knitterly friend, Jenn B, loaned me a wonderful book of Viking cable stitch patterns, 'Viking Knits and Ancient Ornaments'  which contains several interesting and intricate patterns to try.

In the meantime, I needed a portable sock project to work on during a trip into The Big City on Saturday to meet 4 of my sorority (Gamma Phi Beta) sorority sisters for lunch and gabfest. Two of them were recipients of baby sweaters as they both are expecting the birth of granddaughters. We do keep in touch via email and Facebook but it is so nice to get together face-to-face a couple of times a year. An overnight 'retreat' is being considered.

For the train ride into Toronto, I grabbed the Turtle Purl Turtletoes Stripes sock yarn and started a Vanilla Bean sock. I wanted a little something to add to the regular striping of the Polly Wanna Cracker colourway yarn.

I purchased the yarn as an irregular (74g) at the Knitter's Frolic in April. To use up all the yarn, I'm knitting it toe up. My biggest stumbling point about toe-up knitting is getting the heel in the right place so I'm going to do an afterthough heel, inserting coordinating yarn for the heel.

Slipped stitch pattern on instep
Basically, when encountering a colour change on the instep, begin a round of sl1, K1. Just knit regularly on the sole.
Stocking stitch on sole
 If the colour changes in the middle of the round, start the slip stitch pattern there anyway. Then continue it approaching from the other side to making sure to align the slipped stitch properly. There is a bit of a jog in the middle but the jaggediness of the slipped stitch pattern camouflages it somewhat.

 Once I am past the 'hinge' of the instep, I will do the slipped stitch pattern all the way around for the leg. My plan is to use up all the yarn. If, however, it is becoming inordinately long, I'll use the remainder for the afterthough heel. If not, a coordinating remnant of some other sock project will do. This yarn is very soft. I hope it will stand up. I also have the Trenchcoat colourway of this yarn in my stash.

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