Saturday, 25 July 2015

After an Eleven year Delay

Back in 2004, I completed stitching this piece. I finally framed it today.

The original had the designer's name (Marjolein Bastin) on either side of the bench in the middle and her initials beside the pencil on the bottom. I modified it by stitching the design's title 'The Four Seasons" and my own initials down at the bottom.

This is Spring,
and Winter.
I was going to take it to a framer, then I remembered I possessed the skills to do it myself if I could find a frame to fit it. I had some foam core board that was the right size on hand, and purchased the frame on a 50% sale. A 16" x 20" frame was a perfect size.

Woo hoo! I saved myself a bunch of cash.

Looking at it again, I really like the border and that some of the elements go outside the border.

I have a stack of finished cross-stitched pieces that need to be framed. This has motivated me to get some of them done.

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