Thursday, 9 July 2015


I finished the 15th square today. It is the one I took apart and added a couple of rows going the other way, then reknit the border. It was a bit tricky because I was knitting half a stitch out. This is because when I picked up the stitches from the unravelled part, I was knitting the troughs, not the loops. I fudged it a bit and once the square is incorporated into the sewn afghan, it won't even show.

Here are the 15 squares.

I have also picked up the Peacock Feathers Stole project and knit a few more rows on Chart 1. I am using this yarn. I can't locate the ball band right now or the other skein but it is some type of laceweight. I hope the multicoloured yarn works for this project.
It is knit from the centre (provisional cast on) to one feathery end. Then the provisional stitches are freed and it is knit from there to the other feathery end. It's going to be a long haul but I'll plug away on it.

We are waging war on this cute, little varmint.
It is an adorable young bunny but it is wreaking havoc on our garden. It treats the garden like its personal salad bar. Skip keeps encircling key plants with cages and hardware wire but other plants get chewed to bits. Last year, Skip completed the job of running chicken wire all around the bottom of our property fences in the back to keep rabbits out.

In this photo, he has just strolled/hopped across our deck and is eyeing some greenery nearby. We have been practicing our aim with our refurbished sling shot. We tried to buy a new one while we were in NY state last week. Ironically, they are illegal in NY state. One can purchase a rifle, crossbow, or gun, but OH NO not a slingshot. Sheesh.

I don't really want the bunny killed but I'd really like to hit him with the slingshot so he gets the message that it's not all fun and games in the back yard.


  1. Could you perhaps capture and relocate Mr Bunny lol.

  2. Yes, Jody, we have a live trap baited with tasty kale. However it prefers to munch on our asters, marigolds and English daisies. Once trapped, it will be relocated to a wooded area on the other side of the 401.

  3. You are certainly finding some interesting squares! I wonder whether you have considered putting in simpler, textured squares as spacers? I usually knit throws as strips rather than squares and used this alternating method on the first one, which is blue and white. The textured blocks seemed to set off the more densely patterned ones.