Saturday, 4 July 2015

Knitting on the Road

We arrived home from our excellent wedding anniversary trip to the Finger Lakes region of NY state yesterday. There was a lot of traffic at the bridge (Alexandria Bay) but the rest of the trip was pretty smooth and relatively traffic-free.

I worked on the third Melissa Leapman cable square with the goal of getting it done before arriving home. As Skip and I share the driving, I only get to knit half the time I'm in the car.

At 75km away from home, I had about 14 rows to complete.

30km away from home I got it finished. The cord from the GPS holds the pattern against the dashboard. My sticky note has almost lost all its 'sticky' so it was touch and go getting to the end of the chart.
Here are the squares that I have completed that are acceptable for the afghan. I have knit several others that aren't quite the right size or that need some modification. My plan is to knit 30 squares - 5 x 6.
Some of them will be repeated. I'm also still looking through pattern books for any interesting ones to use.

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