Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Peacock Feather Stole and More Cable Squares

I finished and blocked the Peacock Feathers Stole. This is half of it draped over a door.
And outside on the table on the deck.
The peacock feathers change towards the ends. The large holes are achieved by double yarnovers which, on the return row, are knit and purled into. The largest holes near the end are triple yarnovers that are knit, purled, and knit into on the return row.
When I blocked it, I used wires on the sides picking up the ends of every other set of 5 descending yarn overs.
On the ends, I pinned out each chained part.
They hold their shape after unpinning when it's dry.
I loved this photo of its shadow that I took outside.
Immediately after casting off, I got back to the cable squares. I finished a third square using the pattern from the 'Must Have' Cardigan.
Back perusing my Alice Starmore 'Fishermen's Sweaters' pattern book, I selected a couple of elements of the Inishmaan sweater.
I also knit two elements of the 'Nova Scotia' sweater.
I'm really enjoying this project and and wonder if I'll be able to part with the afghan once I put it together. However, I can certainly knit another one.

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