Tuesday, 18 August 2015

# 29

I finished the 29th square yesterday. It a modified version of the cable pattern from another one of Carol Feller's sweaters, Straboy.
Modified, because the original chart does not follow the over, under, over, under cable pattern.
Original Straboy cable
See the difference?
My version
Here they are side by side:
(oops! I just noticed the uncrossed cable at the top of the column on the left square) I'm the last person you'd say had OCD but I'm really fanatical about my cables following the over, under, over, under pattern. And it's SO easy to 'fix' any chart that doesn't do that.

Note to self: photograph finished items and look for mistakes before finishing the item.

I'm currently knitting the 30th and final (for this afghan) square. It isn't going as quickly as I'd hoped. The cable pattern is from Jared Flood's 'Druid Mittens'.  The chart is microscopic and is somewhat confusing on the even numbered (return) rows. The symbol legend doesn't explain the stitches very well, such as, how to execute some of the stitches on the private side of the fabric. I've been winging it a bit. There are also bobbles which are executed on the private side. It is slow going. I may just rip it back to the garter stitch border and find another cable pattern to do. I've been scanning all my cable books and Interweave Knits magazines. Hopefully, I'll finish #30 tonight.

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