Monday, 31 August 2015

#8 and #9

#7 emerged on the weekend. It was another female monarch. Last night, there was a dark pupa and another was getting dark. I knew there would be at least one more emergent adult this morning.

Sure enough, there were two! One had just emerged as the wings were still wet and a bit crinkled.
The first one was a male. You can see a dot on the veining of the hind wings.

He hung onto the stick for about an hour before flying away. The younger one was left with a long stick in the container so it could make its way out when its wings were ready. It was another girl.
One pupa is left. It will probably emerge late this week.

Skip bought a new car so it was finally time to bid farewell to the 14 year-old Mazda Protegé 5. I gave it a good cleaning, vacuuming and washing. It hadn't been as clean since Skip had it detailed in the spring of 2014.
My grand-niece is off to prestigious university in a prestigious co-op program and could make use of the car. So she and her mom (my niece) came to pick it up last week.
And off they went - zoom zoom.

In knitting news, I have been working on a couple of projects. One is a stealth project to be revealed later. The other is the Nurmilintu scarf using the madelinetosh yarn I bought in NY state on our last visit.
It's garter stitch alternating with a lace panel. It will look quite lovely once finished and blocked.

I still need to finish the border around the Aran sampler afghan.

Tonight I'm going spinning for the first time in several weeks.We've all been busy this summer so haven't met in August at all. Starting after Labour Day we'll start meeting on Tuesday nights - same place, same time.

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