Sunday, 2 August 2015

Inishmore and Mystic

I finished two more squares: from the Inishmore sweater pattern,
and the anchor element from the Mystic sweater. I added the 'O's at the top to fill in space before the top garter ridges.
I also reworked this square. The one that had the mis-crossed cable in the printed pattern. I tried to knit a garter stitch border but didn't do the increases correctly in the corners (every row rather than every other row). It also needed to be bigger overall to match the other squares.
So I ripped out the faulty garter stitch border and put all the stitches on a circular needle and knit the border in the round, increasing on each side of each corner every other round. I should have started the garter ridges earlier but couldn't be bothered ripping it out again to do so.

5 of the six monarch eggs hatched in the last 24 hours and the last one is almost ready to hatch. We haven't found any more eggs. The 5 larvae are getting bigger and bigger (as is their poop). I need to find a covered container for them as they will pupate in the next few days. I'll probably use the Bug Bottle for them overnight and figure something out tomorrow.

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