Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Knitter's Fair 2015

Last Saturday, I and 3 of my knitting peeps attended the Knitter's Fair at the Kitchener (ON) Auditorium. Due to careful planning by Jen, and carpooling with Alison, they and Donna and I arrived just as the doors were about to open. The lineup snaked all through the lobby but we were admitted in fairly short order. Here, Jen is showing her glee at arriving on time for the doors to open.

Things seemed much more organized and orderly this year with lots of space around the booths in the two arenas. Here's a look down to the Kiwanis arena from the main floor lobby.

The lighting was excellent. There were crowds at various booths but not in the aisles. I only got this one photo before I dove in and started shopping.
Artfil from Québec was there with their wonderful, eco-friendly yarn. I couldn't pass up this skein of Belle - 80/20 merino superwash wool/nylon.
Indigodragonfly had an excellent display. I like the simplicity of this sweater design.
 On the same table were several sets of yarn with the solid and gradient in the centre.
The sweater is called Pulley and the kits were for sale with quantities priced for the different sizes.
At another booth, I overheard a woman talking about living near London (ON). When I turned and saw her nametag, I recognized the name and exclaimed, "You're Sasha! I used to listen to your podcast". Indeed, it was Sasha Torres of SpinDoctor fame. She now has her own yarn and fibre business, SheepSpot. She kindly agreed to pose with the fibre I was purchasing from her.
It is Targee roving - a breed of sheep whose fleece I've never had the opportunity to spin before.
Also picked up were a couple of skeins of Cascade Jewel yarn at 50% off and very close to one of my fave colours.
After lunch and a visit to a fabric store, we headed to Shall We Knit? where I picked up 3 skeins of Koigu KPPPM to knit another Linen Stitch Scarf.
And so the Knitter's Fair was over for another year.

However, this is just the beginning of what I call 'Knitting Season' and many more adventures are in store for me and some of my intrepid knitterly peeps.

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