Friday, 11 September 2015

Summer Weekend in the City

Skip and I went into The Big City on Saturday to hang out, walk around, take in the ambiance, get some pics by the Toronto sign, and have dinner. We only live 50 min. away by commuter train, which is our favourite way to go into the congested city thus avoiding an exciting, blood pressure-elevating trip on congested highways.

It was a beautiful, sunny day.
Geri and Skip in The Big City
There were three big events going on: the Canadian National Exhibition (The Ex, The CNE), a Blue Jays game, and FanExpo. Once off the train, we headed right down to Harbourfront.
There is a great boardwalk.

You can see the CN Tower from almost everywhere.
There's a marina.

And beautiful Lake Ontario.

There are always festivals in the summer. This weekend was the Hot and Spicy Food Festival. And of course, music! This band was from Brazil and had 12 percussionists!

We then began our walk up to City Hall and Nathan Philips Square.

This is the confusing thoroughfare along Lakeshore Blvd. In the centre are streetcar tracks (that usually run down the middle of the streets). On the right is a road for cyclists, and on the left is the actual road of Lakeshore Blvd.
Up near City Hall, is this painting on the sidewalk.
We hadn't been to this area since before the PanAm Games and before the iconic Toronto sign was erected. That curvy building is Toronto City Hall and the older building behind the arches is the Old City Hall. In the summer, there is water in the big pool under the arches. In the winter, it is a big, public skating rink.
And here is yours truly looking like a turista.
After coffee in the basement of the Hudson's Bay Company and dinner at the Marché, we made our way back to Union Station. Look! The construction is finally finished along Front Street after about 5 years. Of course, the former GO concourse of Union Station (about 1/3 or the building) is now under renovation. The new York GO Concourse is spacious and bright with lots of TV screens announcing departure times and gates. There are not a lot of places to sit down, though.

It was lots of fun people-watching, strolling along the waterfront, taking pictures, listening to peppy music, eating good food, and getting in several kilometres of walking. We are so appreciative of being able to partake in what the city has to offer when the urge hits with a minimum of effort.

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  1. Thanks for the 2015 tour! My daughter and I did much the same walk about (except that we went all the way up to Yorkville too!) in 2014. It was Pride weekend and the city was NUTS. The construction around Union certainly rattled us and we almost missed our train back to Whitby!