Sunday, 25 October 2015

Lots on the Go

I finished the first Climbing Vine Mitten (except for the thumb) with the Hope Spinnery yarn I got last weekend at Rhinebeck. I'm about half done the second. It's a very straight-forward stranded pattern, although the directions for the rows just above the thumb are open to interpretation. I'm also doing 2 x 2 corrugated rib on the cuff rather than the 1x1 stranded ribbing the pattern calls for.
The striped socks turned out very well, It was pure luck that I didn't interrupt the striping on the instep very much with the heel work.
I did my usual toe and eye of partridge heel flap.
I started the Laura Aylor 'The Woods in Winter" shawl. We saw it at the indie trunk show before Rhinebeck and in our goodie bag was a coupon for a free pattern for one of her designs. She has designed many lovely shawl patterns. There is a chart but I'm following the row by row instructions. The yarn? Some mystery yarn that I unravelled from a Value Village sweater.
I first tried to use this yarn for Sally Melville's "L'enveloppe" but I just couldn't get the gauge with this yarn unless I used a ridiculously large needle. I'm searching in my stash for the right yarn in the right quantity for that project.

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