Sunday, 1 November 2015

Denim Stripes and Pom Pom Hat

I finished the striped socks that I started for the drive to Rhinebeck. The yarn is Lana Grossa sock yarn (Meilenweit) from deep in my stash.
I really liked the denim colour. I have someone in mind to give them to but rather like them myself so will have to grapple mentally about that. Not that I need any more wooly socks...
I did achieve identical twins. I had to fudge a bit on the toe decreases but it's not noticeable.
I used my standard cast-on, a long-tail cast-on around two needles.  It's not as nice looking as a tubular cast-on but it is easy and nice and stretchy.
We have new neighbours with a very cute baby. Skip commissioned me to knit the little fellow a hat which we will take over as a gesture of good will and welcome to the neighbourhood.
It's the baby version of Declan's Hat with Cascade 220 superwash worsted yarn.
I watched a couple of YouTube videos on how to make a pom pom and found this one to be the easiest method for me.  I just used a larger fork to make a proportionately larger pom pom.
I'm itching to warp my loom for some type of weaving project; perhaps another scarf.

Next weekend, Jen1 and I will be heading to Prince Edward County for a knitting retreat. We plan to take classes on Brioche knitting, two-at-at-time toe-up socks, and mosaic knitting. I'm sure there are YouTube videos on all of the topics but I enjoy taking classes and usually glean cool knitting tips from the teachers.

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