Monday, 30 November 2015

I Changed My Mind

I was going to frog most of the left front of the Aran cardigan I was working on after I discovered that I was erroneously twisting wrong side knit stitches.  I decided, after all, to keep going and compare the look of the corrected knitting to the part where I had made the mistakes.

I don't think it looks that much different so I continued on, have done the underarm decreases and most of the raglan decreases. I only need to decrease as far as the green stitch marker at the top.
Standing back, the difference in the top and the bottom isn't noticeable.
The twisted stitches are supposed to be on the right side single knit columns (p1,k1b,p1) and the 'fishernet' cable. The rest of the right side stitches are untwisted.  I do have to follow a chart for the fishernet cable but the other columns of patterns are easily memorized.
 I am making it exactly as written in the pattern size-wise. I am prepared to do some adjustments and some re-knitting if necessary to make it fit well. I plan to knit the back one size smaller in width as my back is somewhat smaller than my front and this technique worked well on my Ruddington cardigan.

At one point I didn't think I was going to have enough yarn to complete the project but found another yarn cake from the first skein which I just started part way up the raglan area. So the first skein of the 5 will complete the left front and about 1/3 of the right front. The woman I purchased the yarn from, Annie O'Maille, has about 100 knitters using this yarn to hand knit cardigans for sale in her shop in Galway, Ireland. They use 3.75mm needles which makes for a much denser and warmer fabric than the machine knit ones seen in most Irish shops. As I am using 4.5mm needles to get gauge, I will be using far less yarn so logically, there will be more than enough.

I'm starting to think about what projects I want to take on our upcoming week's holiday to Cuba. Of course, there is a sock project - Syncopation - that I'm trying to decide on what yarn from my stash to use. I'm also debating taking some of the Aran cardigan to knit as well. It will depend on what space I have. We are allowed 50 lb. in our checked luggage for free so I should be able to squeeze it in.

There is lots going on this week before we lift off early Friday morning. I've been working on a mental list but really need to write stuff down and start checking them off.

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