Monday, 16 November 2015

One Day Scarf

The AIDS Committee of Durham Region is undertaking a Red Scarf Project this year. Knitted or crocheted red scarves 6" x 60" are being collected and will be tied to posts and trees all over Oshawa and Whitby on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2015. Each scarf will have a tag affixed inviting people to take the scarf if they need it. Any scarves remaining will be donated to local shelters.

Some of my spinning peeps have been talking about participating, I wasn't interested in spending hours and hours knitting a scarf but thought I could weave one in a fraction of the time.

I picked up a skein of very affordable, soft, acrylic yarn (Loops & Threads Soft & Shiny - 170g/311yd) at Michaels. Today I wound the warp and warped the loom in under 2 hours. The sett was 60 ends (including 2 floating selvedge threads) at 8 epi (ends per inch). I knew it would pull in significantly on the loom with a twill pattern. After some experimentation, I decided to use two shots of weft over 1 x 1 for 12 picks alternating with two shots over 2x2 weft to give it a bit of interesting texture and to disguise any irregularities in my weaving.
It made for an interesting texture.
Off the loom it is a bit waffle-y. It shows how much the 2 x 2 weft pulls in compared to 1 x 1.

I will try to steam it but am not sure how that will work with the acrylic yarn. I'm reluctant to wash and tumble dry the scarf in case it looks really crappy afterwards. Although it's not 'knit or crocheted', I hope it will be accepted for the project. It definitely is soft and snuggly.
I'm thinking of weaving another one, still with two shots of weft per shed but only using the 1 x 1 warp pattern.

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