Saturday, 26 December 2015


I finished the first Syncopation sock.
I really like the look of it and it feels great on. However, I weighed the remaining yarn - 48g and the finished sock 50g. Crap!!! I made the leg of the sock too long and there's not enough yarn left to do the second sock the same length.

Sooooo, I'm going to cut the cuff off, unravel a little over 1g of the leg to be used on the second sock and graft the cuff back onto it. Thank goodness I did that class on grafting knit and purl stitches with Ann Budd a couple of years ago at the Knitter's Frolic.

Speaking of the Frolic, just before Christmas I heard back from the Toronto Knitters Guild. I've been selected to teach a 2-hour Latvian Braid class at the Knitter's Frolic on April 30, 2016!! I'm so excited! The 2015 classes are still on the website but hopefully soon, the 2016 classes and instructors will be posted. I hope there is a class offered that I'll want to take that's not when I'll be teaching.

I've also made progress on the Aran sweater I'm knitting. I have the second front completed up to the armhole decreases. It was pretty mindless knitting up to there while I watched various Christmas shows on TV but I took a pause on this project last night as I had to re-read the instructions to continue on.
 I then picked up another sock project in progress, finished the leg and heel flap, and turned the heel. This was the pair I knit with contrasting bands on the legs to ensure that there would be enough yarn for the extra-long foot.

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