Monday, 28 December 2015


I finished the right front of the cardigan last night.
It's always good to take a photo of one's knitting as it really allows one to see any mistakes. Sure enough, I found that I had left a row out of one of the honeycomb rows near the top.
That will be easy enough to rip back and fix.

While finishing the right front, I was watching the semi-final and final episodes of the British reality show on TVO called "The Choir: Sing While You Work".  The remaining choirs sang gospel for the semi-final and an original composition by one of the judges for the final.

I then started the back and got the cable patterns established. I only need to follow a chart for the 'Fishnet' cable section between the two 'chain' patterns on each side.
I have been binge-watching the Netflix documentary "Making A Murderer" and was totally drawn in with the first episode. I was surprised to find out there were 9 more. I stayed up WAY too late and bailed after episode 5. My curiosity got the better of me so I googled the subject's name and learned of the disposition of the trial. What a shock! I do recommend watching this if you like a good, true mystery. It is very similar to the first season of the podcast "Serial" outlining the trial of a suspected murderer. Season 2 is now airing, one episode per week.

I do watch a lot of TV when I knit but now, with my PVR, mostly watch stuff I want to watch when I want to watch it.

I also have been watching the final season (6) of Downton Abbey via file sharing and last night watched the series finale, the 2-hour Christmas episode which aired in the UK on Christmas night. It was excellent! I will really miss that show. Season 6 begins airing on PBS on January 3 in North America.

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