Friday, 15 January 2016

Arrow Caterpillar

This is the status of my Pfeilraupe (arrow + caterpillar) shawl thus far.

I like the subtle striping of the Fantasy strompegarn.
The first 'slot' is between the two rightmost stitch markers. To make the bottom edge smooth, you cast on the 288 stitches first, placing the 25 stitch markers along the edge as you cast on. Then knit back and forth increasing on the right side, one stitch every two markers while at the same time consuming cast on stitches with short rows.
I hope I used a large enough needle (3.5mm) as several people suggested going smaller rather than larger. I did want it to be relatively large and will block it firmly. I think it will have the right amount of drape.

On the project page, there are pictures of several ways this scarf/shawl can be worn. Basically it's a big, irregular triangle with slots. The thin, pointy end (arrow) can weave in and out of the slots to anchor the shawl.
Image by Alpenrose
The folds that are created are the caterpillar part.
Image by Alpenrose

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  1. So glad I found your blog!! I adore the Arrow Caterpillar scarf and hope I can accomplish it! It is clear you have a lot of talent!! I am learning! Also I noticed that you might be raising Caterpillars! I learned to do that this year for the first time!! I raised and released about 80 Monarchs and 80 Gulf Fritillaries!!!