Friday, 15 January 2016

More Hat Pics and Frolic News

The Dale of Norway 2003 St. Moritz patch came in the mail today.  I bought it on eBay in US dollars. When it arrived, I noted that it actually came from only two towns away.

I sewed it onto the cap where the new rounds started, the colours jog, and the pattern is interrupted. It was a good cover-up.
Then I took a couple more photos.
I think it's quite photogenic.
I started the Pfeilraupe shawl and have one slot done and am halfway to the next one. Reading the helpful notes on Ravelry, I printed this helpful annotation of the chart. In spite of it, I still messed up and had to tink back a few rows to do the first slot correctly. At the same time short rows are executed, increases are intermittently done on the right edge. This chart helps keep track of everything. It is excellent for social or car knitting. I may put it aside for our upcoming trip.

I have several projects and UFOs to take:

  • the green Koigu linen stitch scarf
  • the yarn and pattern for my own St. Moritz hat
  • two UFO sock projects
  • the Aran cardigan (1.5 sleeves and button bands left to knit)
  • z-twist handspun to knit twined mitts
I also hope to be knitting some samples for a local yarn shop with luscious high-end yarn. 

The closest yarn shop to where I'll be vacationing is over 3 hours away, so unless I do mail-order shopping (not as fun as being able to fondle the yarn) and pay in inflated US dollars (or more accurately, deflated Canadian dollars), I plan to bring most supplies with me.

I also will be knitting the swatches and prepping for the upcoming Latvian braid class I'll be teaching at the 2016 Knitter's Frolic sponsored by the Toronto Knitters Guild on Saturday, April 30 at from noon 'til 2pm.  OMG! I just checked the website and the instructors are now listed and registration seems to be live.
Selbu mitten cuff with Latvian braid

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