Monday, 11 January 2016

St. Moritz Cap

I finished the St. Moritz Cap last night and sewed the facing down to the inside.
I had planned to line it with fleece but Skip said it wasn't scratchy around his forehead so for now will leave it as is.
You can see that the grey Peer Gynt yarn is a bit fuzzier than the Telemark (red and gold) and Heilo (black and white) yarns.
Skip now thinks it would be cool for me to knit one for myself so we'll have matching caps. If I do knit one for myself, I'll knit the facing with alpaca yarn and make it about 3" deep before the purled fold line.

The original pattern has tassels on two cords coming from the top. I have omitted those.

Once the hat has finished blocking, I'll get Skip to model it with the sweater.

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