Sunday, 3 January 2016


After knitting the two fronts of the cardigan, I realized that the ribbing was too stretched out. This is because I didn't knit the ribbing with a smaller needle. Rather than frog both fronts and re-knit them, I decided I just needed to re-knit the ribbing, remove the ribbing from both left and right fronts, and graft the re-knit ribbing back onto the fronts.

The pattern originally had a 9 stitch tab of ribbing extend for the button band that was to be knit later and sewn on. The stitches were held on a safety pin.
I didn't relish doing this so in cutting off the original ribbing I also eliminated the tab and will pick up and knit a button band once the sweater has been assembled.

I snipped the yarn and unravelled a row right near the top of the ribbing, picking up the ribbing stitches on a straight needle and the upper stitches onto a circular needle. I then began grafting the two pieces back together. I snapped a shot about a third of the way along. The graft is somewhat disguised by the pattern change from ribbing to cable patterns.
Here's a closeup on what I'd done to that point. Not bad, eh?
And here's the completed graft of the right front.
It's not perfect but the uninformed person wouldn't even know to look there.

I then did the same for the left front. I just discovered last night that I had knit the back on a 4.25mm circular whereas I had knit the fronts on 4.5mm single points. Since the back ribbing is only 0.25mm larger than the new 4.0mm ribbing on the fronts, for now, I'll leave the back as it is.

I finished the back last night and have the remaining stitches on a holder for later.
I'm about to start one of the sleeves. The pattern calls for a double (folded over) cuff but I'm only going to knit a single one. I also don't like my sleeves to fall much below my wrist joint so I will be adjusting the increases accordingly to shorten the written pattern.

Once I internalized the pattern, the knitting of this cardigan has really moved along. I still do keep track of the fishernet pattern with a chart but could manage without that if I really needed to.

All this knitting has been completed while I've been watching the gripping Netflix series, "Making a Murderer" which I finished, and "The Killing" - I'm on episode 10 of 13.

I'm considering knitting the Fiddlehead Mittens with the yarn I spun from a BFL bundle I purchased two Rhinebecks ago. I have some Briggs and Little Durasport I could use for the background colour and some alpaca I acquired in the UK at Toft Alpaca Farm for the lining.
I also need to fix the Syncopation Sock (explained in the previous post) and knit the second one. I need some inspiration...

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