Saturday, 13 February 2016

#1 Tvåändsstickning Mitten Complete

I finished the thumb on the first mitten today. I knit 4 extra rows to ensure a long enough thumb for me. On the public side, it just looks like stocking stitch. I'm not sure how different it would look if I twisted the stitches in the other directionTvåändsstickning is a Nordic knitting technique that dates back to the 1600s. Two colours of yarn can be alternated but instead of just trading yarns every stitch, the yarns are twisted around each other for every stitch. Here, where I used one main colour, I took a strand from the inside of the ball and the other from the outside of the ball.  
If I were to make another pair, I'd do a couple more rows on the hand/palm before the decreases to the top.
My yarn was pretty close to the z-twist yarn one can purchase commercially. I only had to go up one needle size to a 4.5mm needle for the main part of the mitten. The textured stitches are created by a series of 'crooks' , 'o' stitches, and 'chain paths'. I hope to acquire the definitive Tvåändsstickning book, "So Warm" translated from the original, "Lekker Warm". I'm just not ready to cough up the $50 it costs just yet.

Even the inside looks pretty good. Here you can see that each stitch is twisted on the inside making the dense fabric.
There is a group on Ravelry that likes to photograph the inside of their stranded projects. I wonder if there's one for the interior/private side of twined knitting projects?

I'm not sure how well the BFL will hold up to regular wear. It is soft, but might not be sturdy enough to thwart felting. Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool would probably be a bit sturdier s-twist yarn.

I frogged the next Syncopation sock I had started and cast on again with 72 stitches. The yarn (Alegria) is significantly thinner than the yarn in the previous pair I knit so I felt it needed extra stitches so the ribbing wouldn't be so stretched out.

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