Monday, 29 February 2016

Just A Sprinkle

Skip and I went to the Nature and Birding Center today.

I tried a bit of digiscoping with our scope and my new camera.
Long-billed curlew
Belted Kingfisher

Next time, I'll try using my iPhone with the scope. At the Birdfest on the weekend, I remembered that I had the Peterson birding field guide on it which I can work without a cellular connection or WiFi, so will use it as well.

Back in regular perspective.
Spotted Sandpiper
Male Red-winged Blackbird 

Male Mottled Duck on one foot
The blue patch on the mottled duck's wing is clearly visible
Tricolour Heron
One of our 'birds of the day' was this white morph reddish egret.

We also got really close to this green heron.
The young alligator was snoozing in a spot we've seen him before. We haven't seen Mama in a while but we know she's around.
Great Blue Heron
The roseate spoonbills were hanging out in what seems to be a favourite spot.
Then it started to sprinkle. There was much debate about the identity of the next bird. After closer inspection through the scope, we have decided it is a greater yellowlegs - yellow legs, largish size, and slightly upturned bill. It didn't have black axilla (armpits) so we ruled out willets as a result of our shore bird seminar from the weekend.
Here it is through the scope.
It stopped sprinkling, then started again. We headed for the last bird blind for cover. The sun came out and we headed out for lunch.

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