Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Moving On

A couple of months ago, I spun some z-twist yarn specifically to make the Twined Mittens from Beth Brown-Reinsel's Craftsy class. I started the project today. First, with 4mm needles, doing somewhat of a two-colour cast on using three yarns. The contrasting (grey) yarn stays over the thumb and the main yarns alternate for the stitches.

Then there's a row of purled stitches, again, always switching yarns for every stitch. Then a few rows of faux ribbing with twined knit stitches alternating with 'deep purl' stitches.
Faux ribbing
Then a round of twined knitting.

The next row is a round of 'chain path'. The one after that is staggered by a stitch creating the 'o's.
Then another round of twined knitting stitches (tks).

Then some textured detail using crook stitches alternating with tks. Then the 'herringbone braid' with 3.75mm needles, which is very similar to my fave technique, Latvian braid.
I then switched to 4.5mm needles to continue with the rest of the mitten.

After this, Skip and I took a walk on the beach on this beautiful, sunny day.

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