Monday, 8 February 2016

On The Go

Skip and I began our trip south two weeks ago today. We took our time, stopping to visit friends in Indiana and San Antonio en route. We also stopped in La Grange, TX so I could visit The Quilted Skein. I mentioned it in the previous post but finally got the pics from Skip's iPod Touch.

 We were able to get into our condo on South Padre Island a day early to set up household in preparation for the arrival of our friends, Susan and David.

South Padre Island is literally at the Tip o' Texas (indicated by the star below).

Our friends arrived the next day for 5 days of intensive birding. We drove up the coast past Corpus Christi to see the whooping cranes on an early morning boat tour of Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.
Geri, David, and Susan
I finished the second Syncopation sock and have now removed the cuff from the first sock and am re-knitting it from the top down. I will then re-attach it in what I hope is the last attempt to finish this project. The sock on the left is the second sock. The one on the right has the cuff removed and the stitches picked up ready for grafting once I've finished re-knitting the cuff.
I have started re-knitting the cuff using the Italian tubular cast-on.
This is my new, favourite cast-on. It uses waste yarn where you cast on half the stitches you need. Then with the good yarn, do one round of K1, yo. Then the next round, Slip the knit stitches with yarn in front and purl the yarn overs. Next round, knit the knits and with yarn in back, slip the purls. Basically you are double knitting. Then in the next row knit the knits and purl the purls, as in 1 x 1 ribbing. At this point you can remove the waste yarn or wait for a couple more rounds.

Last night I finished watching the last season of Nurse Jackie on Netflix. It kind of lost its way in the last season. I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it but suffice it to say but I thought that it ended realistically not having everyone living happily ever after.

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