Friday, 12 February 2016

Twined Mitten #1

I finished the first twined mitten except for the thumb. The inconsistencies are because of the yarn (my 3 ply BFL handspun) not my knitting.
Twined knitting is a little fiddly because of the alternating yarns but I developed somewhat of a rhythm. On the second mitt, I will mirror the two-coloured herringbone braid. The result is a dense, doubled fabric.
Traditionally, the long tails of the yarns used in the cast on are braided or twisted so the two can be tied together to hang over one's belt.

Although I used the traditional z-twist yarn, These could be knit with the regular s-twist worsted weight and twisting the yarns consistently in the other direction.

If you want to learn this technique and can't find a class at your LYS, I recommend Beth Brown-Reinsel's class on Craftsy.

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