Monday, 21 March 2016

Another Attempt at Low Tide

According to the tide charts, low tide was supposed to be at 9am this morning. Skip and I got up and headed over to the Birding and Nature Center. If it was low tide, it wasn't very low - although lower than what we'd experienced in our other low tide attempts last week.

The redheads are still here, both on the little ponds and out in the laguna.
The brown pelican posed nicely for us.
As did the belted kingfisher.
A reddish egret flew in to do some fishing
and then flew up to the railing of the boardwalk to dry out its feathers.
Aside from the reddish feathers, it is distinguished by its pink beak with a black tip. Here, the long couple of tail feathers can be easily seen.
In the mangrove, we spotted at least 3 yellow-crowned night herons.
Farther along the way at the little pond, was another one.

Random shot of a ringed bill gull.
Down in the waterway the water was clear and blue crabs could be seen scuttling along the bottom.
Black bellied whistling ducks flew in and were feeding at the northernmost pond.
Also spotted were pied bill grebes, royal terns, and several barn swallows.

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