Thursday, 17 March 2016

Birding at UTRGV

This morning Skip and I met our birding group at the former University of Texas at Brownsville recently re-named University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. We had an excellent time.

We first saw were the red-crowned parrots. Supposedly we also saw red-lored and yellow headed parrots, too.
We saw several ringed kingfishers that are usually seen only in the US in the lower Rio Grande Valley. It is the biggest of the three kingfishers we see here.
We also saw a couple of black phoebes.
There were several anhingas. This male put on a good show for us.
I got a little carried away taking photos of the ringed kingfishers.

This green heron stayed in this location for quite a while. I didn't see it catch a fish but we saw it eat one.
Yet another kingfisher photo...  We also saw a green kingfisher very early on but I wasn't quick enough to get a photo.
In addition to a great kiskadee, we saw this tropical kingbird.
On the way back to our cars, we saw these parakeets. They do make quite a racket when they take off.
This kestrel was looking quite wind-blown.
A pair of parakeets was setting up housekeeping in a hole in the fascia of a building across the road.
We saw it and its mate disappear into a hole under the eaves.

Other birds spotted today were golden-fronted woodpeckers, muskovy and black-bellied whistling ducks, least and pied bill grebes, white tipped doves, snowy and great egrets, great blue herons, a ruby crowned kinglet, orange-crowned warbler and a life-lister for me, a bronzed cowbird. That's the 200th bird on my life-list. I will probably add more when I get home and check other lists I have kicking around.

After lunch at Vicky's in San Benito, we went over to Mercedes to attend the RGV Livestock Show.
Then on to Costco for some shopping before checking into our lodgings in McAllen.  We are taking a vacation from our vacation by spending the rest of the week and weekend up the valley and away from the island. There's lots to explore up here.

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