Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Birding on an Overcast Afternoon

Yesterday we stopped into the birding center to see if we could see anything different. I also got some more practice with my new camera.

This duck is a hybrid and stays locally year-round. It's partly mallard and some smallish goose.

Spotted sandpiper
Female redhead duck
White ibis
White morph reddish egret
Red-breasted merganser
Year-and-a-half old alligator
Green heron in its usual spot
Male belted kingfisher (we haven't seen any females yet this year)
I always check the railing around the water tower to see if the peregrine falcon is there. Sure enough it was!

Male red-wing blackbird
Adult gator lurking on the edge of the pond
Skip getting a shot of the alligator
This photo gives a good idea of how close the boardwalk is to the waterways and marsh area. It is a fabulous facility. We know what the usual birds are but every time we come, we see something different.
The falcon moved to the parking lot side of the water tower so I was able to get a better shot.
The breast markings are easy to see in this shot
Shortly after this it flew off
In spite of the cloud cover, it was really warm. Rain is forecast for tomorrow - after 39 days of rain-free weather since we've been here.

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