Thursday, 31 March 2016

Penultimate Day of Birding

Yesterday we went to the Birding and Nature Center for the last time this trip.  It was late in the day and the light wasn't great for taking photos but we wanted to have one last look.

I made Skip take a photo of me looking out to the trees along the edge of this grassy area. There were lots of birds working the area. This concrete and steel structure is the western facade of the South Padre Island Convention Center where there are several different birding habitats - all free to the public.
The calls of the great kiskadee are imprinted on my brain for all time. It is ubiquitous here on the island and many other spots of the RGV.

I can now readily identify the red admiral butterfly.
Out along the boardwalk we spotted this juvenile little blue heron. Its blue beak with a dark tip and greenish legs confirm it.

At the water feature, this little guy flew in. We were able to ID it as a yellow-throated vireo - a life bird for both of us.
We also spotted an eastern phoebe.
Over at the Birding Center I checked on the monarch larvae.
They're still doing great, munching away on this milkweed.
I finally got a good shot of a great southern white butterfly. They and a lot of other birds and insects LOVE the bottlebrush trees.
At the water feature, this lizard was out in the open having a snooze.
Along the boardwalk we again spotted this hybrid duck - mallard/muskovy perhaps?
The baby gators were in their usual spot.
The white ibis gave us a show,
holding its wings up in the air for several seconds before it flew off.
Other birds we spotted were a grey catbird, ruby-throated hummingbird, and the usual array of cormorants, stilts, blue-wing teal, coots, etc. etc.

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