Friday, 18 March 2016

Quinta Mazatlan

Today we visited Quinta Mazatlan - a 1930s country estate in the heart of McAllen TX. It is an historic Spanish Revival adobe hacienda surrounded by lush tropical landscaping and native woodland.

We made a bee line for the main feeding station which was live with various species of birds.
Curve-billed thrasher

Eastern Fox Squirrel
Male golden fronted woodpecker

Cactus flower
Curve-billed thrasher
Inca doves
White-winged dove - note striking blue eye ring
Plain Chachalacas
American Goldfinch

White-winged dove
Golden fronted woodpecker
Plain chachalaca with visible bare red throat
Yellow poker flowers from some type of aloe-esque plant

It was HOT today - 35C or 95F. It is supposed to rain tonight and the temperature will plummet to a high of 20C tomorrow or 68F.

Tomorrow may also be rainy so we have some indoor activities planned.

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