Saturday, 5 March 2016

Saturday on SPI

Things on the island are picking up. This weekend is a big car show at the Convention Center. We could hear the booming music next door at the Nature and Birding Center.  We got there by about 10 this morning.

The tide was fairly low and on the way back in.

Tricolour herons have really skinny necks.
The willets were really close to the boardwalk.

At the usual pond was the green heron again.
He then hopped up and really stretched out his neck.
Then a few minutes later scrunched himself up again at the water's edge.
Skip had gone ahead with the spotting scope. It was a good chance to see him in action. Note all the cars in the distance parked at the Convention Centre.

At the big pond I found this solitary black-bellied whistling duck.
I took this with my camera through the spotting scope. The belted kingfisher was on a hydro wire several hundred yards away.
The wind was ruffling his feathers.
We decided to retrace our steps and got a pretty good shot of the white morph reddish egret (standing on the right) hanging out with the snoozing white ibis.
Another kingfisher posed on a post quite a distance away from the second bird blind over the laguna.
I like that I can see the white dot in front of his eye.
This is a good shot of his characteristic 'shaggy crest'.

White ibis and white morph reddish egret.
Also spotted but I didn't get a photo was a common yellowthroat - my first this year.

There is a beautiful wall of lantana at the water feature near the Birding Centre building. The insects really like all the little flowers. I was fortunate enough to get a shot of a Common Buckeye.
This is our 35th consecutive day of excellent weather. It's great to be able to spend so much time outdoors doing what we love to do.

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