Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Yet Again

So, I took a look at what I was knitting and wondered if I'd have enough yarn to complete the project. I checked the comments on Ravelry and noted that several people ran out of yarn before completing the ruffled edge.

So, I frogged what I had knit and re-started on a 6mm needle. I got 75% of it done (except for the ruffle) and hadn't even finished the first ball of yarn yet. What the.....?  So I went back and re-read the Ravelry comments and noted they had all run out of yarn using an 8mm needle. The pattern now calls for a 6.5mm needle. I'm guessing the designer noted the problem with running out of yarn and edited the pattern for it to be used with a smaller needle.

So once again, I have frogged the shawl and I'll be starting again with a 6.5mm needle.
I don't have a long one with me and so am heading out to see if I can rustle one up at a local store.

I need to stop overthinking some of these 'easy' projects. (sigh)

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