Saturday, 9 April 2016

Finally a Pair of Twined Mittens

I finished knitting the twined mittens and twisted the braid fringe.
I still need to block them to even the stitches out,
particularly on the thumbs.
My idea to use regular s-twist yarn worked with twisting the yarns in the opposite direction.
The idea is to twist the yarn in the direction that loosens the twist to 'poof' the yarn up a bit.
They should be nice and squishy after I block them.
Today a bunch of us went to The Gathering in Port Hope. It is an annual spinning event.

There were about 200 people there and many different kinds of wheels. A lot are Lendrums like the two slanty ones pictured. They are Canadian made and highly regarded.
After many years of bad luck, Mo won the 50/50 draw.
I finished plying the Water Lilies colourway of the roving I'd been working on for several weeks before we headed south.
254 yards of loveliness.
I'm not sure what I'll knit with it (big surprise) but it would look nice with a solid or tonal yarn in one of the colours.
 I then started spinning this roving that I had purchased at Rhinebeck last year. It's 70/20/10 Alpaca/Merino/Silk.
It's spinning up very nicely. I'll probably chain ply (Navajo ply) it to keep the integrity of the colours rather than barber pole it.
Lots of my knitting/spinning acquaintances were in attendance including Judy, Judy and Jacki from the Shuttlebugs.
After our traditional lunch at Basil's, we went to The Black Lamb to do some more shopping.

We concurred that it was a very fun day.

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