Monday, 4 April 2016

Still Not Quite Right

I finished the mitten that had no mistakes after several false starts. I didn't do the thumb.
I like how even the stitches are looking.
The herringbone braid is a nice contrast and transition from the cuff to the sleeve. You could also modify the pattern and do one right after the cuff's cast on.
The deep purl makes a very deep line for the thumb gusset by the palm. It is done by bringing the two yarns forward and purling with both of them. This creates a double stitch which is treated as one stitch.

The increases make a nice thumb gusset. The stitches are on waste yarn waiting for me to pick them up and knit the thumb. But I'm not going to finish this mitten.
 Why, you ask? Because it is too small!!!!

So I started yet another one and am knitting with 5mm needles and 4.5mm needles for the braid. The resulting fabric is not as stiff and the mitten is the right size. If I were to modify this pattern for 4.5mm needles, I would add extra stitches on each side and some other decorative element for the back of the mitten.

However, once I am finished this pair, I'll write down the mods I want to make and pick up something else to knit.

Enough is enough.

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