Monday, 23 May 2016

Escher It Is

I did a couple of swatches with the handpainted yarn from the retreat last weekend and decided to knit the Escher pattern again.

I did a long-tail cast on over two needles which gives the top of the cuff lots of room to stretch.

The colour bands are narrower than they were on the long sock block.
I like how this pattern hugs the leg. I will continue it down the instep to the toe. I want to get at least one done before our June 15 Shuttlebug meeting.

After two months of crappy spring weather (we talk about the weather a lot here in Canada), it is finally spring. Skip and I went birding a couple of times last week. The warblers are really coming through now.

Skip spotted the first milkweed shoots in the garden today. Monarch butterfly season is fast approaching.

The lawn is lush and the garden is really starting to come along. Yesterday Skip and I got the deck chairs, table, and umbrella up.  I really love my 'summer office'.
On a weekends and holidays here in the 'burbs,  there are lots of lawnmowers, weed whackers, pressure washers, compressors, and power tools in operation as the 'weekend warriors' cram as much outdoor activity into their time off work. But the best time out here in my 'office' is on weekdays when I just hear birds, wind through the leaves, the odd airplane, and distant traffic noise. Ahhhh.

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