Friday, 27 May 2016

Green Swallowtail

I found this UFO the other day in a basket I hadn't looked into for a long time. I had finished the main part and was just starting the lacy border when I abandoned it. Thank goodness the sticky note on the chart hadn't moved and I was able to just pick it up and start knitting.

I did the nupps in the way recommended in the pattern (k1, yo, k1, yo, k1 in the same stitch, then purl the 5 sts together on the return row), and they worked just fine. There is another way to do them with a crochet hook all on the right side but I couldn't find the video to remind myself how to do it.
The first lace I ever knit was a red swallowtail shawl. I still used it all the time as it's light, warm, and fits into my coat pocket when not needed.

At that time, I found it to be quite a challenge. Now that I have lots more experience knitting lace, it was a fairly easy knit (in spite of the fact I let the green one languish for years before finishing it).

I did however, have one problem. I ran out of yarn before finishing the 'swallowtail' edging and had to bind off 5 rows early. I know I have an extra ball of yarn somewhere and will certainly unpick the bindoff and finish it properly when I do find it.
Finishing it before completing the last chart meant that I couldn't pull the swallowtail 'points' when I blocked it, ergo the straight edges.
But I still like the look and feel of it. This yarn Naturally Dawn 2-ply yarn is discontinued. The 50/50 wool/silk is lovely to work with and blocks very nicely.
This is the smaller version of the swallowtail where you begin the nupp-y lace after the 14th repeat of the main pattern. The larger version is done by starting the lace borders after 19 repeats of the main pattern. Unfortunately, the math doesn't work for fewer than 14 repeats or between 15 and 18 repeats.
An added benefit is I have now liberated another pair of 4mm tips and cable.

I recently discovered a crescent swallowtail modification with will be my next shawl project.

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