Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Knitting and Spinning Retreat with the Shuttlebugs (and Scugog Guild)

Last Saturday, I drove up to Bethany to meet with several Shuttlebug members and members of the Scugog Spinning and Weaving Guild for a two-day fibre retreat. Billed as a spinning and knitting event with informal classes, weaving and rug-hooking was also undertaken by some of the folks.

On Saturday morning, we had free time to get settled in our lodgings. It was nice to not to have to share a room. I spent the morning spinning the green 'bumps' acquired at Rhinebeck last fall.
I don't remember what kind of sheep fibre it was but it's kinda scratchy. I got it all spun and started plying before the end of the day.
Mostly we sat around and did some spinning or knitting.
Leslie and Paula
Judy, Suzanne, and Gayle
Jacki knits while Suzanne takes a photo of Gayle's sweater and Judy looks on
Marilyn spins qiviut
Judy and Jo discuss colours for Jo's needlepoint project
Leslie and Judy teach Sara how to spin
In the afternoon, participants had an opportunity to attend a workshop on pattern-making or spinning.

After supper, we sat around and did more of the same. The food was excellent!! Our dietary restrictions were catered to. The salads, soups, entrees, and desserts were delicious! We women appreciated not having to plan, cook, serve, and clean up.

Sunday morning, the early risers did some stretching and yoga while others walked around the property.

After breakfast, we spent the morning dyeing sock blanks under Dini's guidance.

Suzanne carefully painted her pre-soaked and wrung out sock block with a design.
I wasn't very imaginative with my stripes but I knew anything intricate would probably be lost with knitting up the yarn. I know the resulting stripes will be very wide in the knit sock.
Gayle combined stripes and triangles in hers. Don't you think the socks will go great with this sweater once they're knit up?
Judy, Dini, and Paula discuss options for Paula's sock blank.
Judy went for a geometric pattern.
Dini's pattern was similar and incorporated gold and red with the blue and purple.
Once we finished the painting, we covered our blanks in more plastic wrap and rolled them up in preparation for 2 two minute microwaving sessions - allowing them to cool a bit in between. We made sure to label our projects before 'nuking'.
Here's Mary prepping her sock blank for the microwave.
I even had time to finish plying my singles - 532 yards of loveliness (if I do say so myself).

 After yet another sumptuous lunch, Marilyn talked to us about qiviut (fibre from the musk ox) and showed us samples from her research project. Participants had the opportunity to spin some qiviut. Others created warps using leftovers, chaining them, ready to take home and warp their looms.

Then it was time to pack up and head for home.

Once home, I rinsed my sock blank and hung it to dry. My next post will highlight the result.

All participants this weekend enjoyed the camaraderie, activities, relaxed pace, and FOOD! We hope there will be another one next year. Bravo Dini, Dale, and Pat for a well-planned and executed weekend. Thank you for all your hard work.

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