Sunday, 29 May 2016

Lilacs and Other Delights in the Garden

I picked some more lilacs today.

This lilac bush was in our yard when we moved into this house 20 years ago. Skip transplanted it next to the deck. (rightmost shrub)
It provides a 'screen' from the neighbours behind us and a 'wall' for my outdoor office. The lilac bush to the right of it blooms a bit later and the blooms aren't as fragrant.
Skip loves this bugle week (ajuga). The colour is rich and it is an early bloom to the garden.  It puts out runners which would take over the garden if permitted. Once the blooms are done, I rip out lots of the runners where I want the other perennials to grow.
The bleeding hearts (dicentra) are the earliest blooms.
At this time of year, hostas are nice and compact. However they triple in size over the summer so we leave lots of room around them.
I bring a little of the outdoors in.
The peonies are getting ready to bloom. They'll be the next flowers brought indoors.

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