Thursday, 23 June 2016

Iceland Confirmed

Skip was reading the travel section of the paper a couple of weeks ago and saw an airfare/cruise/land tour of Iceland that looked interesting. It was also a very good deal. It took us about 3 seconds to decide it was something we'd like to do and contacted the travel agency to book it. We've been waiting a week to hear if we're confirmed as Iceland celebrated two national holidays this past weekend.

Yesterday we finally heard that we are confirmed! Yay! I do have an ulterior motive. Skip and I will tour together, then next time an Icelandic knitting tour comes up, I'll feel less guilty going with a girlfriend rather than Skip.

I continue to work on The Pastoral.
The alphabet is complete. I'm now working on the leaves on the top 2/3 and after I complete the rest of the cross-stitching, I'll do all the specialty stitches. I really like the double cross eyelets (blue square flower to the left of the bird). Yesterday at the big box craft store I saw a couple of frames that might be suitable.

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