Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Sock Yarn Blanket

I have been plugging away on this sock yarn blanket for quite a while, using odd bits of sock yarn left over from various projects. I'm using a 3.25mm needle so it has a nice 'drape'. My 3" squares are 20 sts on each side. So I cast on 41 sts (20 + 20 + 1 corner stitch).At the beginning of each row, I slip the first stitch to create a nice edge which makes it very easy to pick up the stitches on an adjacent square. On the right side I do a ssk, k1, k2tog on the middle 5 sts. I use a stitch marker before that corner knit stitch. On the other side, I just knit across. I keep decreasing in this way to the last 3 sts, then slip the first stitch, k2tog, pass the slipped stitch over, snip the yarn with a 3" tail and pull the stitch through.
I had been knitting it as a big rectangle with the 'spine' going in one direction but it looked kind of boring that way. After looking at some online and Mo's, I decided to turn it 45 degrees so the 'spines' were vertical. I think it's a much more interesting looking blanket that way.
However, it means I have to knit as many squares again to fill in the corners. I've been getting contributions of sock yarn as I'm getting tired of my own remnants.

This is a good project to do when I'm (binge-)watching foreign TV shows on Netflix. My latest find is a Danish show, 'Dicte'. It is about a journalist who moves back to her home town Aarhus (capital of Jutland) from Copenhagen. It has English subtitles so it's hard to knit lace and watch it at the same time. If you liked 'Borgen', the Danish political series on TVO, you'll probably like 'Dicte'.

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