Thursday, 16 June 2016

Turning 90 Degrees

Last time I mentioned this, I had decided to turn the blanket 45 degrees so the 'squares' would be diamonds. For me, it looked much more interesting.
However, it made the blanket too wide for my liking. I decided to turn it 90 Degrees to make the 'spines' horizontal then ripped out about 5 diamonds on one side and a few off the top and bottom which eliminated a couple of rows and columns, then added more to the corners.
That solved the problem and now makes the blanket the desired 36" wide and it will be 48" long when finished, which includes adding another row to the top so all 4 corners will match with 2 squares each.

I have really enjoyed knitting this after having it languish for months. It has also made me corral all my odd bits of sock yarn. I also appreciate all the contributions from friends.

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