Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Ultimate Procrastination

About 30 years ago, I took up stained glass crafting. One of my favourite things to do was work with bevel clusters. They were so easy to work with. Just create the pattern around the cluster, cut out the pattern pieces, foil them, and solder them together.

I made a 16" x 20" Edwardian-style piece that sat for about 8 years unframed. Then a colleague who enjoys woodworking made a frame for it. Then it sat propped against a window in my dining room for over 20 years.

I think the reason I never hung it was that I was afraid to drill into my window frames, fearing I'd compromise the insulating factor. I now realize, they were all wood frames holding the vinyl windows in, faced with quarter-round trim.

The other day I purchased all the hardware to hang the piece in our breakfast area picture window. Today, I finally spent the 20 minutes total installing it. This included taking down the blind, measuring for the centre of the window, marking the spots where I'd drill, hauling out the new 21st Century cordless drill Skip just replaced our old one with, drilling pilot holes, screwing in the eye hooks, measuring, cutting and attaching the 50lb. nylon line, hanging the piece with 's' hooks, re-installing the blind, and putting everything away. 20 minutes! That's all it took!
Sometimes I even drive myself crazy with my procrastination.
All that worrying that it wouldn't allow the blind to open and close properly. For nothing! Better late than ever, I guess.

It almost makes me want to do stained glass again. As if I needed another hobby.

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