Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Wishing I Had Smell-o-vision

My favourite peonies have bloomed. Although the one on the right is gorgeous, the one on the left has an exquisite smell. Smell-o-vision would be amazing to have right now.
I try to keep blooms on my kitchen table for as long as possible. I should get about 3 weeks' worth on the shrubs outdoors unless the rain wipes them our after blossoming.
Another favourite is this purple jackmanii clematis. It seems to love this spot along the fence.
 These blooms also last a couple of weeks. At my previous house, I had a clematis that bore dinnerplate sized white blooms. If I ever find that kind again, I'll grab it.
This solomon seal was given to me from a friend's garden when we moved in here 20 years ago. It is still going strong.
These lilacs are almost finished
just as this prestonia lilac beside it is coming into full bloom. The later lilacs don't smell nearly as strong as the earlier ones.
Potentilla is blooming.
Bleeding hearts are still in bloom and the hostas are ever-expanding.
Skip has worked very hard to fill in bare spots with some colourful annuals.

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