Monday, 11 July 2016


I'm using i-cord to finish the edge of my sock yarn blanket. (crappy iPad photos - I didn't even focus them). I really don't like that big, ugly, camo square. I may just cut it out and replace it with some more attractive yarn.
I picked a dark grey sock yarn (Kroy) that I have more than one ball of in case I needed a second ball.
First I cast on three sts using dpns. Then on the edge of the blanket on the wrong side, pick up and knit one edge stitch. *Slide the 4 sts to the other end of the needle and knit 2, then k2tog. Then pick up the next stitch. and repeat from *.
On the inner corners, I omit the corner stitch. On the outer corners, I knit into the point three times to round the corner.

This has been good for catching up on PBS 'Endeavour' episodes that I had PVRd.

I will block it when I'm done and hope that the i-cord lies flat. It's pretty good right now and does have a bit of stretch so should block nicely. I've been sewing the ends through the tubular i-cord.

That's all I've accomplished since Friday. I was flattened with a cold and spent 58 hours from Friday at 7pm to this morning in bed mostly sleeping. I knew I was REALLY sick because I didn't even want to knit or eat anything.

Skip and I had planned a trip to visit my family and then go on to an LPGA tournament in Sylvania OH this week and had to cancel both.

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