Saturday, 23 July 2016

Easiest Zipper Replacement Ever!

I have a favourite pair of denim capri pants that I practically live in. However, the zipper has always crept downwards, especially when I need to bend forward. The other day, I was watching this 'Sewing with Nancy' episode on my local PBS station where she showed an incredibly easy way to replace the zipper without having to undo any seams. The relevant part starts at 13:38 on the video.

I got so inspired, I went right out and bought a replacement zipper. Today, I sat down and did the replacement.

This technique is unorthodox in that you simply cut the faulty zipper out as close to the stitching lines as possible. Then let any remaining zipper fabric unravel and trim off any errant threads. The decorative topstitching is unaffected, although it no longer holds a zipper in. I also cut the two bar tacks holding the zipper flat.

This freed up the two parts of the bottom of the zipper placket.

Folding down the top of the zipper tab out of the way, I pinned it into place (Nancy uses two-sided tape instead of pins in the video but I didn't have any), and using denim-coloured thread sewed the two sides of the zipper into place.
No need to worry about tucking the zipper tape into a seam on the button side,

as the flap completely covers the zipper tape.
I then re-stitched the bar tacks. The arrow is pointing to the one that is visible on the outside. The original thread is still there yet you can barely see the new, blue bartack just above it. Also, the seam that holds the zipper in place is barely visible (the crease on the flap) when using denim-coloured thread.
That was it! It took all of about 10 minutes from beginning (cutting the zipper out) to end.

The new zipper doesn't creep! Hurray!

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