Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Ironing Board Cover and a Discovery

When Diane and I went to Fabricland the other day, I found some really cute sewing-themed fabric that I thought would make a great ironing board cover for my little craft ironing board.

I took the other one off and used it as a template on the new fabric, allowing 1" seam allowance. The plan was to double fold it and make a channel for a drawstring.

I used an erasable pen to draw around the old fabric.
After cutting along the 1" line, I double folded it and pinned all the way around, then stitched a 3/8" seam. I put the old cover face down so it wouldn't show through quite as much and tied it in place. After threading the drawstring through the new channel, I put the new cover over the old one, pulled the drawstring taut and tied it off. Ta-da!
The old cover shows through a bit but I'll fix that with some cotton batting at some future point.

Speaking of  erasable pens... I've been looking at sewing tutorial videos online and a couple of the sewists recommended Frixion pens which erase with the heat of the iron. Unfortunately, they are only available online which would cost extra for postage. Being the thrifty girl that I am, I wondered if a regular erasable gel pen would work the same. I bought a two-pack of PaperMate Replay erasable gel pens to test out  my theory.

 I wrote on the selvedge.
Then put the iron on part of the message.
And the writing was gone!
So now I don't have to wait 'til my next trip to the US to get a Frixion pen.

This is what the PaperMate Replay package looks like. They're available in several colours.
And the pen.
It's possible that other erasable pens work the same way, this is just the one I tried.

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