Thursday, 14 July 2016

Photo Shoot

I finished the i-cord bind off. It took less than 200 yd. of sock yarn.
I took it outside to get some shots. I still don't like that pesky, big, camo square.
I often just stick my knitted items to the brick wall.
and over the neighbour's fence.
Just to the right of this are several of my milkweed plants. I haven't found any more eggs. The count is way down this year.
I'm having withdrawal from knitting this. I certainly have enough yarn to start another.
I did actually knit a sample square and ripped it out to measure how much yarn it used. It was 14 yd. So if you're making 3" squares, swapping mini-balls of 15 yd. of yarn with your knitterly friends should be more than enough.

But I've picked up my stitching again and have almost finished the stealth project.

Backyard birding update... we had house finches, chickadees, and red-breasted nuthatches at the feeder yesterday. It was great to finally see birds other than American goldfinches enjoying the nyger seed. I hope they spread the word.

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