Friday, 15 July 2016

Sewing Fun

My spinnerly, weaverly, knitterly friend, Diane just took her first sewing lesson at a local fabric shop and got all enthused about learning to sew.

She came over tonight to get a tutorial on my old sewing machine I'm lending her and to do a project.
She decided she liked my weighted pincushion thread catcher that I made last year based on Rob Appell's 'Man Sewing' video.
She brought over some beautiful fabric she had purchased from a Canadian online fabric shop,  Fridays Off Fabric Shop. We raided my stash for a contrasting fabric and got to work.
 We just went step by step and before we knew it, she had her own weighted pincushion thread catcher.  Ta da!!
Isn't that a beauty?!
I'm all geeked up to do more sewing myself. Yesterday I purchased the pattern for Bendy Bags by Lazy Girl Designs. I'm going to do more stash raiding to make a couple of them. As if I needed another project...

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  1. Sewing is fun for a change. This project is awesome - I'm feeling like sewing too now :)