Thursday, 28 July 2016

Stitching Update

I've been quite intrigued with the American political conventions that have been on during prime time these past two weeks. It has provided me with a lot of time to do stitching.

I've got about 80% done.
There is very little backstitching. It's only used for details like antennae on insects. This bee is certainly not to scale.  The stitch for the blue flowers is called Double Cross Eyelet.
I need to re-do part of the wing of this dragonfly. This stitch is called Cushion Stitch. I was watching a murder mystery at night when I was working this area and clearly didn't make the best use of my magnifier.
 The insides of these flowers were pretty easy. The stitch is called Small Leviathan and is over 4 threads. 
I sure hope I can find a commercial frame for this piece. Hopefully one that would normally display 3 or 4 photographs.

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