Monday, 22 August 2016

Catching Up

I'm finished The Pastoral except for deciding where I'm going to sign and date it.
I backstitched around the little insect to provide a contrast with the fabric.
I decided not to backstitch around the other insects.

I'm getting to the end of the Garden Sampler. A couple of nights of stitching and I'll have it done.
I modified the background where the four incomplete birds are pecking at the as yet unstitched seeds. It was supposed to be dark green but I decided to leave the natural linen background.

This morning I finally finished the pair of socks I started in May after dyeing the sock block at a spinning retreat.
Skip and I visited my old stomping grounds last week, visiting family, and doing some sight-seeing. We just happened to be driving through Corunna, the home of our Olympic High Jumping Gold Medalist, Derek Drouin. The sign went up the day after his victory and we were there the day after that.
After his previous medal in the 2012 Olympics, they named the main street after him.

One of the cool things we did was cross the St. Clair River at Sombra. The ferry accommodates about 9 cars, costs $7, takes only a few minutes, and lands at Marine City MI. We had a lovely drive up the river to do some shopping and then returned to Canada via the Bluewater Bridge.

In about an hour, I'm heading out for a rehearsal for a ukulele group I'll be playing in on Friday. I . practiced yesterday and look forward to rehearsing with a larger group of 14. I have another rehearsal on Thursday before the gig on Friday at a Seniors' Corn Roast in Courtice.

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